I knew I would put it through the wash.

I put my Clip+ through the wash, and now it doesn’t turn on anymore – any advice before I get a new one? I gather they can’t be disassembled?


You’re not the first one. Search the forum and you’ll get plenty of sound advice (no pun intended).

there’s some disassembly pictures on anythingbutipod.com if that helps, but you’re probably best letting it dry for as long as possible (days).  Try the clip forum for your search too

A good thread on the topic:


Unfortunately, it remains dead – and I’m reluctant to plug it into my laptop’s USB to see if anything happens.

But at least it seems the external MicsoSCHD card is ok – for anybody with a 16GB card, how much space does Windows tell you it has when you plug it in an look at the device?

I’ll probably replace it with the 8GB Clip+, now that they’re only a bit more expensive than the 4GB.

I also ruined my earbuds (my first ‘nice’ earbuds, Klipsch Image S4) – and I’m inclined to reward my stupidity by upgrading those too.

At least I’m not the first!  :) 

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