it does not open and does not install driver automatically

hi everyone
after 5 hours that i listened music from it, i triedf to open it and it did not open. only “Scandisk” is written in the screen for a while and it does not open. i was shocked of that. aftrer i googled it i saw there are lots of similar problems here. everyone says that after installing the new firmware, it get fixed. but i have a problem here. as u can see following topics everyone says that after computer seeing the device as “STMP3600”, and copying the file “StMp3Rec.sys” to “C:\windows\system32\drivers” as jake said, it install the driver automatically.
however my comuter cannot find the driver automatically. and i tried it in 2 other computers, both gave me the same results.
so is there any manual way to install driver??
actually i download a driver but it also does not work. here it is:
so what can i do anything else?
help me please:)

What OS (version of Windows) are you using?

Have you tried just running the updater anyway?

Also, please remove the driver from HP and only use the one from SanDisk. Might not be exactly the same.