I have a Fuze 8+8. I now have over 18gb of music so thought I would upgrade the uSD card to 16gb. I used to use ‘drag and drop’ [rather than WMP] to transfer music. This worked OK but lacked the Playlist facility. Thought I would use WMP 11 to sync the Fuze with the new card. WMP didn’t recognise the 8gb internal memory at all and packed all the music it could on the card. Some tracks were loaded as ‘0 seconds’ long, and it kept ‘refreshing your media’. I took all the music off and reinstalled using the drag and drop method, distributing the music across the internal and external memory. This is now OK and the Fuze is stable. Trouble is I can’t use the playlist feature [or if I can - how?] again. Has anyone else had problems when upgrading the uSD card?

There are other programs that can playlist, like Media Monkey and Winamp. (I bet you can guess their website names.) There’s also a Fuze playlist program that a user named Dunny has posted–search for him.

WMP’s default is to auto-sync–dump everything onto the drive you connect. That default can be changed. I never use WMP, so I don’t know if it’s smart enough to split your library between card and internal memory, but I doubt it.

The 0 seconds files might be albums ripped on a Mac OSX. They come with an extra folder within the album folder  (usually called MACOSX), or just a bunch  of additional 1kb files like (note underscore) that the MAC OS needs to find them–but since their file extension is mp3 the Fuze tries to play them. Just a possibility. 

There’s no way to get WMP to automatically distribute songs on the internal and external memory.  I use media monkey and have 2 folders on my hdd - 1 with music for the internal and 1 for the external (set up using the device configuration).  Then I sync each one.  It’s a little messy and I’ve half given up with it but it may work for you.

As for playlists - you should be able to create .pla playlists in explorer using tracks from both memories if you are in MTP mode.

If you use MSC there are several scripts that can create playlists - a forum search should find you a few.