Is this a glitch in the FM radio, or am I missing something in "Settings"?

I have a new Fuze+, and the region is set to US. When tuning the radio, it increases/decreases by .1 MHz per step. US FM radio frequencies are assigned in .2 MHz increments (91.1, 91.3, 91.5, etc.). I’ve already set several presets, but occasionally I use manual tuning to look for something else. With the .1 MHz steps, it takes twice as long as it should to find a station. It really should tune in .2 MHz steps.

If it matters, I’m currently using the 1.30.01 firmware (but I didn’t see anything in the release notes for any version concerning this issue).

that is just the way it works I guess mine is the same way.

Do you agree that it shouldn’t work that way, though? My older Sansas used different steps depending on the FM Region setting (.2 MHz for USA, .05MHz for World). The E200 even used a lower frequency range (76-88 MHz, I think) when set to Japan. With the Fuze+, it doesn’t matter. It ALWAYS uses .1 MHz steps (which doesn’t even allow “World” users to precisely tune to a frequency like 89.15).

no i do agree with you but i dont think it is a glitch or bug so to speak just an implementation that needs to change.