Is my SSD faulty?

Hi I am after some advice on whether I have a faulty SSD or not.

I bought an SSD - a Crucial BX500 240GB and although it seemed to work fine and the CrystalDisk Mark speeds were good, it idled at 61C which caused warning messages in certain HD apps, so it was replaced.


What I replaced it with – a Sandisk SSD Plus, idles at around 41C but the speeds
in the ‘RND4K Q32T16’ section especially seems to be very low compared to the Crucial it replaced and other SSDs I have and tested.


Even in the Amazon reviews, the CrystalDisk Mark scores are more of what I would expect.

I am running them on an Intel i5 4590S and with 16GB of RAM so I’m sure it isn’t my system.

Do I need to return this drive too or should I not be worried by speed differences?