Crystal Disk Mark Report

I replaced an HDD with a 240GB SanDisk Plus. I thought I would have got better performance from my Laptop and suspect the SanDisk may be an issue. I run the Crystal Disk Mark software but I don’t know how to analyse it, can anyone please help.

I have also run a report from the SanDisk Dashboard but cant attach more than one document.

Crystal Mark.PNG

There are limitations to using SSDs on old hardware. There is a problem of latency when you connect a fast component to old system.

No doubt your SSD is fast. But is your processor and the buses of your system fast enough to work hand in hand with the SSD?

I hope you provide more information about it to us.


Ruskin | Apps4Rent

Hi Ruskin

Apologies for the delay in responding, I think I’m trying to get too much out of an ageing laptop. I have attached the Dashboard  i

I’m trying to disable any windows 10 applications which are not required and may improve speed. If you  can help here it would be really appreciated. I have disabled all the unnecessary start-up programs.


Is if anyone could picked up, or replyed on live chat. Tried calling and live chatting with no response.