Is my Clip DOA

Hi -

Just reveived my 4GB Clip from NewEgg this afternoon. AFter several hours of charging I can see the battery icon reads full but my screen is EXTREMELY dim. By shutting off all the lights and using reading glasses I was able to turn the brightness all the way up but it is still unusably and unacceptably dim. Am I missing something or is thing dead?



If you’ve turned the brightness level all the way up and still can’t see it, call or e-mail Newegg to return it and get another.

I just received a brand new 4 GB silver clip from Amazon, and I seem to have the same situation. The screen is extremely dark – I went into a closet and was able to see that the display was on, and I checked the manual and was able to turn the brightness all the way up, and the difference seemed noticable in the closet, but as soon as there’s any light at all it’s completely unreadable…

It’s malfunctioning–the silver Clip is perfectly readable inside (and below the brightest setting).