Brightness isn't bright enough

Got my new Sansa Clip this morning, I’ve had it plugged in 10 hours and the battery indicator shows a full charge.  I have adjusted the brightness level as high as I can and it’s not bright enough to see unless I turn the lights off in the room.

Also I when the song title is scrolling through, I can see the Sansa and computer icons faintly in the background where it is hard to see what the song title (or whatever) is.

Is this a defective clip?  It came from Amazon.

Indoors, the Clip should be plenty bright enough.

Give us a wee bit more information about your Clip:  how many GB capacity is your device?

With the device on, go to Settings > Info and read the first line of information, the firmware version.

No worries, I’m blonde too.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

It’s hard to see, looks like it says Version 02.01 and something else behind it I can’t make it out it is so dim.

It’s a 2 GB

Ooops!  I clicked on Accepted Solution and didn’t mean to!:neutral_face:

You can reverse your ‘Accepted Solution’ boo-boo in the OPTIONS (upprer RH corner of msg.). :wink:

You can reverse your ‘Accepted Solution’ boo-boo in the OPTIONS (upper RH corner of msg.). :wink:

It certainly sounds defective.  But you always could try a system reset, or reapplying the latest firmware and seeing if that helps.

It sounds defective to me.  Return it,  the screen should be bright.

I returned it to Amazon this morning.  It was very dim yesterday, today it completely disappeared.  My replacement should be here tomorrow morning. :slight_smile:

Calling all blondes, brunettes, red-heads…hair of all colors and even those with no hair!  :smileyvery-happy:

I posted a few quick shots of my silver 4GB with the brightness turned to its lowest setting.  I figure I have a normal unit…given that we don’t exactly have a library of shots to compare our units to, could you please take a look (shortcut below) and if yours is noticeably dimmer please note it!



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