Invalid Archive - Works on 1 Computer, not the Other

I have a 32 GB SanDisk Encrypted USB with SecureAccess 2.0.  I am tyring to open, but when I enter my password it returns “Invalid archive” and when I click ok it returns (paraphrase), “Maybe on another computer or the original may have been manually removed…”

I can access the vault on one of my computers no problem (which is not the one I originally set up the USB on), but get this error on the other computer. 

Any idea? 

Thanks, Adam

On the system where you can access your vault, BACK UP THE FILES IN THE VAULT asap.  

As for the error on the other pc, I have no idea.  Sorry. :smiley:

Hi, are you still interested in recovering your data or you got rid of your Vault and/or USB Stick?

I can help you save it if you are still interested in recovering your data.