Instructions to Adding Playlists to Clip+? Too many problems.

Hi, I’ve been having problems adding playlists to my Clip+. I FOLLOWED THE MANUAL STEP BY STEP and I have one playlist that has only 1 song out of 13. I have some of the same songs in different playlists, but this shouldn’t be a problem.

Then I tried to make a new playlist. I tried all different ways, USB modes, and formats to transfer this one playlist and it NEVER shows up in my Clip+.

So Sandisk, since you make it impossible to transfer playlists into the Clip+, what are the step by step instructions?
-What is the best program to use to transfer songs and playlists? Mediamonkey? Windows Media Player? Rhapsody?

-What format should the playlists be in?

-What USB mode should I be in?

-How do I add playlists step-by-step?

*You should make a new firmware to fix this crappy playlist transfer issue.

You might find this method using Winamp helpful. Works like a champ for me.

Ok, I’ll try that out. Currently I’m reformatting everything and starting fresh.

When adding songs via drag and drop is MSC the best USB mode?

and will having rockbox affect any of the music/playlist transfers? I only use Rockbox because of the extra bass boost I can acheive through their EQ.

In my opinion, MSC is the ONLY mode to use. Especially if you’re going to try my method of creating playlists I linked to.

Rockbox shouldn’t affect anything you add while connected in the OF. Don’t know whether you’ll be able to play the playlists in Rockbox though; it’s been a while since I played with it.

You can’t get enough boost to your bass with the standard (OF) EQ? Wow! Maybe you need to try some different earphones.

Ok, yea I’m going to stick to MSC.

Ok great. Hopefully this works! After that, I can try to figure out how I can get it to work in Rockbox.

I can get excellent bass from the OF EQ, but I can get 10x more bass from Rockbox (I would never need it, but I’m just saying). I also have more control over the EQ and each Hz band gain.
I have excellent bass headphones. The king of clean, punchy bass, the Pro 900. And the almost equally bassy HFI-580 driven by the “portable subwoofer” amp, the ZO2 :stuck_out_tongue:

My media is refreshing. This should definitely work. If not, I’m throwing this thing away. I will post here again on the results…maybe 10 minutes more.

EXCELLENT! :smileyvery-happy:

)(*#)(@*$)*#@)$*@)#$* FINALLY!!!

I really appreciate your help. I think I literally spend 6+hrs trying out different things.

It should’ve been this simple from the beginning!!!

Now my attempt with Rockbox!