Installation disc for Mac

Have got a Sansa e280 as a gift by somebody who didn’t know I was running Mac and an iPod would be perfect. So, what I need now is the .dmg version of the installation program for Mac. Anyone out there in the cold that has got this kind of info?

THere’s no installation program under Windows - why do you need one under Mac. The cd you got with the E280 contains about only the USER’S MANUAL in PDF format.

Having said that, i have no clue if the Sansa Media Converter (not on the CD) can run under MAC (!?!) - i mean this is a Windows installation package. And furthermore, the User Manual is talking about requirements, and there’s no mention about MACs, unless you run a Window emulator under Mac OS :

Minimum System Requirement

• Windows XP SP2

• Windows Media Player v10+

• Intel Pentium class PC or higher

• CD-ROM drive

• USB 2.0 port for hi-speed transfers




A rare question-

If you put the player into MSC mode you should be able to drag/drop music onto it no problem…

If you need the firmware updated though I believe you’d need to borrow someone’s WinPC…

I’ve got a Mac and I bought a Sansa C250 and got it to work. Here’s what I wrote in a previous post . . .

Just purchased the c250 to try to use with my Macs. Admittedly, the package mentions only Windows software but I figured there must be a way to use it with the Mac. After trial and error, a few screen freezes, a few lost folders of music after disconnecting, I think I’ve found how to make it work.

  1. Turn on player - go into Settings - Format player - erases the pre-loaded songs and pictures. (Unless you want to keep them, of course).
  2. Turn player off, connect to Mac with the USB cable.
  3. Player icon should mount on desktop. Copy your folders of music into the MUSIC folder on player.
  4. Launch Disk Utility on the Mac and Unmount the Sansa C250 volume.
  5. Unplug player from Mac.
    So far this seems to work.
    I think it’s a great little mp3 player - certainly not a bad price compared to iPods.

Are you able to load photos somehow? We have tried but we can’t load the media converter software so therefore we can’t load any photos

you wont be able to load sansa media converter on a MAC. You can try to find out the attributes for the pictures that sansa media converter produces for the c200 and copy the specs; that way all you have to do is drag and drop pictures to the photo folder.

I tried opening one of the files that were on the e250 in Photoshop and then pasted my photo into it and did a save as so that it would keep the same specs, but without success. Has anyone been able to find a way to transfer photos from a Mac to the e250?

I found that files saved a JPEG with “PhotoStudio” (software came with a Canon camera) can be dragged into the Sansa and these will show up fine.

Doremisoft Sansa Video Converter is quite good and free download at