Macintosh owner about to buy a Sandisk Mp3 player


Frustrated with the high cost of buying a new I-Pod for my Mac (my old one died the other day after a year & 1/2 of continued use), I noticed on your website that downloading a driver for Macintosh even though several are listed when I select the last one for Mac OS X, it instead tries to download a PC driver.  The problem?  Mac computers are incapable of opening a file that ends with extension exe.  It has to end with dmg.  Why isn’t this working on your site?

I called Sandisk customer service, and they told me to post here. 

So I read the following December message and it’s helpful:

Just purchased the c250 to try to use with my Macs. Admittedly, the package mentions only Windows software but I figured there must be a way to use it with the Mac. After trial and error, a few screen freezes, a few lost folders of music after disconnecting, I think I’ve found how to make it work.

  1. Turn on player - go into Settings - Format player - erases the pre-loaded songs and pictures. (Unless you want to keep them, of course).

  2. Turn player off, connect to Mac with the USB cable.

  3. Player icon should mount on desktop. Copy your folders of music into the MUSIC folder on player.

  4. Launch Disk Utility on the Mac and Unmount the Sansa C250 volume.

  5. Unplug player from Mac. 

But can that be done without downloading the driver first?

Thanks! :manhappy:

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There’s no drivers to load.

Good, that’s what I wanted to read! :slight_smile:  

As long as all Sandisk players work with the Mac (and not just that Clip), that’s even better. 

Well, my I-Pod Nano isn’t dead yet! :smiley:  I just got it to work again, so I don’t have to buy an Mp3 player after all…

Your method is working. Thank you for posting this. A friend and I have owned a SANSA FUZE for more than a year and have been trying to figure out how to accomplish this. So simple after doing the format step. . . just drag and drop my choices on the appropriate player section–audiobooks or music. 

For non-pc platforms, you must set the device to MSC mode. It seems a lot of us also stay with this mode with pc and windows also.