Install U3 on my new (Cruzer non U3) drive?

Hey guys, I have a NEW Cruzer USB drie which came installed with the new “secure access” software, which I dont like. Its slow to restore files that are encoded, wont allow me to browse folders which have hundreds of family pictures like any ordinary windows folder… in short, I HATE it.

I LOVE the U3 software though. Plug in the drive, password window pops up and then I can browse my photos like any other folder in windows  Dont  use u3 for programs, just the password lock feature.

Can I format the drive and install U3? Will it work? Im thinking its unlikely… is there any way to get the password locking feature of U3 without the tedious encoding/restoring of Secure Acess?

I saw some 3rd party software solutions but $30 to use on a $10 drive is a bit steep. Any thoughts?

Can I format the drive and install U3?”


Will it work?”


"Im thinking its unlikely… "

Unfortunately you’re right.

There are free security packages, I think has two that should work for you.  The problem with many security apps is they require you to have Admin Rights on the pc you’re using and most public pcs don’t allow that.

Ok, how about if I DONT want anyone else on ANY other PC to be able to access my files. I only want ME to have access to the files and only on MY home PC (so, no admin priv needed)

That make things any easier?

or does “No admin priv” now mean that ANYONE can plug the drive into ANY PC and view the contents?

I saw portable apps, but I DONT think they have password protection… maybe I missed it?

I was thinking Toucan and TrueCrypt.   But you’re right I don’t see TrueCrypt on anymore.  I wonder what happened.

looking at TrueCrypt but it seems sooo complicated.

Hmmmm… Ill give TrueCrypt a shot.