Importing from new CD's with MPEG 4 format

My daughter got the High School Musical 2 CD and we tried to put it on her Shaker, but all of the files are the MPEG 4 format.  Is there any way to save these as MP3 so they play on the Shaker?

You can check out my post on the thread above to make sure your rip setting will be correct. But the files need to be re ripped into MP3 format. Simply re ripping it won’t take too long. Open Windows Media Player and select the RIP tab with your CD in the tray. The RIP button should illuminate and allow you to click it. After ripping the files you can transfer them to the device as MP3’s. Fast and Easy

 Remember the files have to be MP3 to function properly on the Shaker and WMP is defaulted to .WMA files