ID3 tags in Folders

Hello, I recently purchased a Sansa Clip Zip and so far I have been extremely impressed with it. After sorting my music into folders, however, I noticed that all songs browse through their filename rather than the title assigned by ID3 tags. This only occurs in the “Folder” menu on it; all other options cause music to be referred to through their ID3 tags. Is there any way to change this? Most of my music’s filenames begin with numbers which makes it difficult to browse using them. Thanks in advance for replying! :smiley:

The lists you see on the player in the Music menu (Artist, Album, etc.) show the informations gleaned from the ID3 tags.

Folders view show file names. This is the way it is supposed to work (and does). Same as on your computer. There is no way to “change” it other than changing the names of the files.

In the end, you have the best of both worlds (and the way it was intended–which many of us greatly like):  you can search via your ID3 tags under the category listings (Artist, Title, etc.), while you still can search by file and folder name under the Folders listing.   :slight_smile: