not all folders shown?


I use to sort my music in folders (the songs are propperly tagged too) and the charts-folders are named e.g. “Gemischt 08-I” or (the second one of the year 2008) “Gemischt 08-II”. If I browse in folder mode, the several years are only listed once, in my case only “Gemischt 08-II” shows up. But if I go into it all songs of 2008 are listed.

Some of the years (most of them) show only the first folder, e.g. “Gemischt 10-I” but also contains all songs of the year 2010.

What kind of display-mode is used and why are there allways folders missing?

The player doesn’t have true folder browsing, but reconstructs it from the tag database. As a result, things might not work properly if names are very similar and only differ in the later charachters. You might have better success choosing names that differ within the first few charachters.

Please explain the reason for this. The only thing this does is screw-up the file system. You can’t by any stretch say that it is better for the consumer. Why must you try so hard to make something “proprietary” just for the sake of proprietaryship (is that a word?). I have other mp3 players that hold the same amount and do it with a general FAT32 format, standard file system and I have no problem. On the Sansa Clip+ I can’t hook it up to the computer (Windows XP sp2, OR Linux) and just manage my music. This actually stinks to high heaven.

As far as how does this work as an MP3 Player, well once I got some of MY MP3 files loaded it worked very well. It’s just the file system I have a problem with. Oh yes, I just had a firmware up date and it took me two days to get the thing working again. I have it about 1/4 full and it took 8 hrs to “reconstruct” the data. This stinks, too. Now I want to use this to hold some audio books I converted to MP3 but the MP3 files for the music I have on this player are “Hidden” and I can’t delete them (Yes, sometimes people want to DELETE things!) STOP thinking you know what the customer wants to do and let us do everything!

The MP3s would only be hidden if you transferred them in MTP mode and then tried to view them in MSC mode.

If you always use MSC mode, and still cannot see the files, it’s possibly because you’re looking in the wrong place.

The database indexing on the Clip+ gets artist/album/track info from the ID3 tags in the MP3 files.

MP3s which have missing or incomplete ID3 tags will be listed under " Unknown".

Now maybe the Clip+ firmware should use folder/file names in that situation to guess the missing details, but it simply doesn’t work that way.

I think there’s an assumption that if you’re just playing legitimately obtained music, it will be tagged correctly already, and if you’re playing something else, you would know enough to tag the files yourself.

I agree the database refresh is too slow; on 1MB and 2MB devices, it didn’t matter too much, but when people have 8GB Clips and 16GB μSD cards it’s a nuisance.

I only update 3.5GB of files once or twice a week, so I can live with it;.

Rockbox on the same hardware doesn’t take as long to create its database, so maybe Sansa’s own database indexing was never intended to handle large numbers of files.

The Sansa reads both of your folders as Gemischt.  That’s why all songs are in this one folder.  If you want separate folders for these songs, you will need to create a Gemischt folder, then two subfolders under Gemischt; one first 08 and the other second 08.  If you label the two subfolders 08-I and 08-II the Sansa will again lump everything together because it will read both folders as 08.  It only reads the begininings of file names, not the complete name.