How can I display the folders on my MP3 player?

I have just bought a c150 and I am used to using a creative zen.  When I drop folders of music on to my  sansa, how do I get the individual folders to display on my sansa? ie how can I browse by folders I have just dropped onto my sansa

you cant view it this way on the player itself. The player organizes all the songs via id3 tags. You can view it how you explained via windows explorer, but when navigating your songs on the player itself… you will ahve to have updated id3 tags. Do a search on id3 tags if you dont know what they are, there are a few threads explaining this.

I just go to My Computer, click on the icon that says Sansa c250 (that’s what I have, it’ll say whatever one you have on there) and then it should take you to the folders.  I have to click on the Music folder first, and then they’re all organized by artist, but I can still see all of the songs and I can delete them from there.  However, I can’t change their name once they’re on the device.

hi! is there really no way to turn id3 navigation off and have normal folder/file name navigation? if i had known this, i wouldn’t have bought this c250. it’s completely unusable for me this way:(

nope, no way to turn it on/off. Only Id3 tags.

Why is it unusable, whats stopping you from entering the id3 tag information?

how to edit id3 tags

You can if you install Rockbox.