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How can I roll folders on my m240 sansa?



I have the same question.

I can create foder in the mp3 player but can’t find it in the player menu.

I can play by Artist or by Album, but I didn’t find the foder I created.

What can I do to find it?

Perhaps, I create a folder called Rock Songs and another like Pop Songs.

I’d like to play the songs from the Rock folder and next time, I’d like to listen to the other folder’s musics.

How can I do this?

Sansa m240





folder-structures aren’t supported. you can create a playlist that resembles the files in your desired folder. copy it on your sansa, then choose that playlist in the play music menu.

for creating playlist there are lots of good freeware evailable (e.g. i use ).


Standby, thanx for your answer.

But, you must be kidding, its just a joke, that teher are mp3 player in 2008 from the SanDisk that doesn"t support the folder manadgement?

Im sad about it, because I bought this player to my wife and I didn’t even tink about that I can face with this problem.

How could I fill 1Gb with music without folders?

Sansa should had to make a new fireware to upgrade this plaer t manage the folders.

Where could I write to ask sg like that, don’t you know?



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you must have been living under a rock for the past few years =P

id3 tag is the new hip thing. There is no mp3 player that sandisk makes that supoprts folder tree. Neithier does iPod. Not sure who started the trend, but its just an upgrade in technology. This topic has been discussed thoroughly on this board, you can use the search function to find some convo’s.

win98 was good when it came out, windowsXP is better.

The learning curve is the part people dont like.


maybe, I"ve been lived under a rock, I dont know, but, if this is a new thing, tell me sg about the product’s age.

I remember, 3 years ago, I wanted to bye an mp3 player like this to my wife, (for Xmas:) ) but I can’t get it anywhare (she got another one, with folder manadgement).

A few month later, she bought me an Mpio (this i snot an advertisement), 1G, Mp4 player with folder management.

So, in this case, it"s not a new thing but could be an old mistake to leave this function.

However, I"m satisfied with the product: sounds good, looking good, but I miss the folder thing…

Any workaround for this?



unfortunately, not with that device.

Perhaps creating playlist, a specific set of songs ina  specific order.

But for reference, you can anything you wanted to do with folder trees, with id3 tags. id3 tags just give you more choices, genre, artist, album, etc.

With folder tree, your stuck playing the same 10 songs in folder A or the same 5 songs in folder B.

yes, you’ve right. I can handle files with the i3 tags of course, but I could manadge them better in folders, especially, if they don’t contains any id3tag information. that’s why it would be important this preference…I don’t wanna make id3tags for all mp3 files that doesn’t have it.



I understand what you want.

Im telling you that you can not do that on the m200 series mp3 player.

You enjoy your folder tree’s because it is what you already know. You understand it so much that you can do everything you you want with it. It is like the DOS of operating systems.

Id3 tags is like the windowsXP. Its a learning curve, but once you know your way around it, its so much better. Giving you more flexibility in your playback and being able to read off all of the track information at once. Rathar than reading it all through a single line of text.

You’ve go the point.

like the DOS and the WinXP:)

The difference is that I could use XP almost like DOS, but not i this case.

I have two choises:

1st - try to live wwith it.

2nd - sell it and buy another one.

Thnax for conversation.


Saddly, you cannot look at certain types of folders for playing music. But, you can make sperate playlists with your rock songs or pop songs. Like a playlist for rock, and a playlist for pop.