ID3 tags become corrupted in Fuze+


I had replaced my original Fuze after one year when my headphone jack shorted with a Fuze+, and for the most part, I’m very happy with it. However, I’ve been having issues with tags remaining the same. I’m running Linux, and am using a program called EasyTag to name all of my files (at first I had a lot of “unknown artist” entries, and this fixed it), and Winamp on Windows7 at work, and once an album is dragged into my Fuze+, all tags look normal. For some of them, usually after about at least a week, the artist tags become corrupt, and I have names in my artist list that are a series of number and symbols, but when selecting those artists, I can see what album they belong to through the song title (which usually remains unchanged, only the artist and album tags are affected). When I open the files with Winamp or Audacious or any other music player on a computer, they look normal, leading me to believe that the issue is either with my Fuze+ or a combination of the software used for writing the tags and the Fuze+. I can re-write everything and bring it back into the player, but it’s sort of a pain to do that this often.

If anybody has any idea as to what is happening, any help would be greatly appreciated.

An example of this issue: I now have an entry at the bottom of my artists menu that is al Chinese characters, but is really Gordon Downie, leaving the full album short a handful of song. The only way to select a full album with artists/albums affected by this bug(?) is to browse by folder.

Thank you.