I want to go back to 1.27.02 [fuze+] Firmware

I want to go back to 1.27.02 [fuze+] Firmware After updating it to 1.32.00 its getting hanged , stuck , auto restart etc etc etc :X I just want to go back to 1.27.02 default firmware , please insist me how to do it manually ?

Answered here.

Here is the link, and it works, but unfortunately, 1.32.00 will not let you downgrade at all.

I’ve tried downgrading and although it looks as if it is doing it, it will stay at 1.32.00.


So the original firmware was published, but if you are at 1.32.00 there is no method currently to downgrade… (sad face)

No worries!  I’d recommend running with 01.32.00 as a minimum, it’s very smooth.  Are there particular file types that are giving you difficulties?

As the Fuze+ navigates primarily by the integrated ID3 tags in your music and books, be sure that they are ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 format tags.  MP3Tag is a great tag editor utility.  Also, if the album art is oversized or of the wrong format, the player can have issues with them.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem is that it has started to work on his own , some times it sleeps and i have to wake him up and some times it is lazy and sometimes it looks to me and says am not going to do this

it restarts automatically etc etc , hanging etc :frowning: