I NEED HELP! Charging Issues :(


i was wondering why my new sansa fuze wont recharge,

i heard something that it may be due to the fact that i used up all the battery.

is there anyway you guys could help me out.


  have you tried connecting to the rear port if that does work try different computers

or try getting a wall charger the sell cheap on ebay

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So just by getting a wall charger would solve it.

ill try it

i am not say just give up and get the charger you should try all possibilities before giving up.

change the usb mode and see if that does anything

how do you do that.

the back port thing worked. thanks alot

Rear USB Ports actually generate more power as they are often used for external hardware (Printers and scanners and what not) The Front ports have less because they are primarily used for removable like flash drives, which don’t need much power, charging is a power intensive activity and front ports can’t put out the voltage needed.


thanks. im listening to my music now!

If I have one Fuze that IS charging (front port) but one that is NOT…would it help to try this solution?

Definitally! I have a question for you tho… is the one that is not charging more dead than the one that is?


I just made another post about this, wherein I explained that I am REALLY not a techie…so, uh…let me go investigate to see if I can even locate a USB port in the back.  :smileyvery-happy:

Okay…tried it…no go…:cry: