won't charge

I just got a Sansa Fuze and plugged it in my computer to charge and my computer says its trying to find hardware or something and can’t find it and my player just says connected in a teal screen with half a battery.  how do I get it to charge?  Sorry people I’m stupid with electronics.

Could be your computer.  Can you try another computer?  My laptop is so old it won’t charge it (did first time thankfully).

Won’t Charge - link to some other ideas that may help you with more of the technical help.

Fuze not charging - link with some more help.

Are you plugging it into a front USB port or a back one? Some people have reported that the front ports don’t work as well, so try the back ones!

Hey thanks for the help…I did try all of those suggestions before…My friend figured it out…I guess he had to reset the USB setting or something…Just in case anyone else was having issues…It works now.

That’s weird, but I’m glad it’s working now!