I love ut. USB 3.0 Micro SD Card Reader. Somebody did "Bad Things" to it...

It is unusual, and I have not seen it on your extended list. Maybe because the product it’s not that expensive. I don’t know. But for me, It looks great, its size is perfect, and its performance fantastic. Great job SanDisk.
But someone did “bad things” to it. It wasn’t even plugged into my PC when it happened. But I got them doing it and I recorded over 2 hours of their activities. I’ll be very happy to provide anyone with details. But for now, here is my question: When I used it to format another micro flash card, I’ve noticed a description in the reader itself, and I copied down: “San Dsk SDDR-B531 USB Device”. Can anyone please tell me if it’s normal, it supposed to be there and say that, or if it can be updated/refresh/ replaced?. It means so much to me… By the way, it stopped the formatting before it finished.
And just to make it more exciting, There were two more lines of descriptions with that one. One on top of it and one underneath it. I believe that those two extra lines are the “Bad Things” I was eluding to. I would appreciate any information on this matter. I did not, nor I will do any further work with it until I know exactly what supposed to be there or not. You probably can sense that I’m an inexperienced in anything technology, and you right. Thank you in advance. I order another one before this “event” (I told you I love it), so I will be able to compare.

Hi @Agnostos,

Please refer below link to check with proper support team for resolution : https://kb.sandisk.com/app/ask/

I did not got in touch with you for money. Nor did I ever blame for anything. My love for your products motivated me to tell you. That’s it. I believe those 2 extra lines is what help them steal my data. The reader and the flash drive have not been in that computer for 2 days. I did put it back in until 2 days later. They setup some kind of a time trap and the got them. But thank got, the recorded 2.5 hours of them programing and setting the trap was at that time on my cell. So I lost supportive material but I have 2.5 hours of the smoking gun about 18GB just one event.
My attraction for your products won’t go away.
Take care