Hi guys,

I’ve just bought an adapter micro SD to SD at amazon’s. The prize was 1,29 Euro (which is about 1,69 USD at the time of writing this). The adapter I got does not look like the one in the amazon offer: On the top of it it only says “SanDisk” without the logo and underneath it says “Adapter” not"microSD/TransFlash to SD Adapter". And the word “Lock” is not written horizontally but vertically. At the back it says: 2013-03-19A, MADE IN CHINA.

Now, at a prize of 1,29 Euro you could say: “If it’s not what you expected, just throw it away!”. But I simply don’t like being shortchanged.

Has anyone here informations about faked SanDisk products? The problem with mine is, when I forget it in my PC’s card reader, the Windows’ booting time goes from 29 seconds to seven (!) minutes (!).

Thanks in advance


That actually sounds like a scam, 7 minutes to boot is too much. Did you scan it with antivirus software? If yes what was the result?