Authentic SD card?

I have just received a class 4 16gb sandisk micro sd card from amazon and on the card it reads japan instead china. Is this possibly a fake card?

It’s possible, but I doubt any counterfeiter is going to waste their time with a 16GB card anymore. Besides, Amazon is very reputable and wouldn’t be selling counterfeit anything. Did you buy it directly from Amazon or one of their “partners”? Even so, I doubt also whether anyone affiliated with Amazon is going to risk what they’ve got going by selling fake stuff.

I bought it from one of the sellers on amazon. And it doesn’t say sandisk on it.

Is there a serial number on it? You can always call SanDisk Tech support and verify if it’s one of theirs or not. If not, contact the seller. Was it described as a genuine SanDisk memory card? If it was and it’s not, you have a valid reason for return and refund.

There is a serial number but not like the one on my 8gb and on amazon it was just advertised as sandisk 16gb. It does not look like the image.

Ah, I see the ad states “bulk packaging”, not retail packaging. So yes, I would assume they might look different. Memory cards are sold in bulk primarily to vendors such as phone manufacturers, camera manufacturers, etc. for them to include with their product. These have to be visually and easily differentiated from the retail counterparts.

You can generally get a better price on bulk packaged cards, but also be aware that SanDisk does not honor any warranty of these items. Only cards sold in retail packaging (or with the appropriate retail serial #) have warranties on them. So if you have a problem with it, you have no recourse but to buy another card. And that usually negates any savings you see on buying the bulk packaging item in the 1st place.

oo ok I see how it works. Should I ask to exchange it for a different one?

And shuld there be a problem with this one even though it’s new?

There shouldn’t be any problems with a new card, but like I said if one develops SanDisk won’t stand behind one sold in bulk packaging. You have to decide whether you want to risk it, or buy one where you’d be protected by SanDisk’s 5 year warranty.

Great, thanks. Also, is better to sync to the card in wmp when it’s in the player or through an sd card adapter?

@zombified456 wrote:

Great, thanks. Also, is better to sync to the card in wmp when it’s in the player or through an sd card adapter?

Personally, I think it’s better not to sync at all. You wouldn’t believe how many people post here with ‘syncing’ problems/issues. Just drag & drop (or copy & paste) the files from your computer to the player and/or card. Although you should be able to transfer to the card via a card reader, I would do it with the card in the player to minimize any problems.

Ill try that instead because for some reason it takes longer to to load with sync.

What is the average time it should take the player to load up with a 16gb card in it? For some reason it takes about 2 minutes and when it shows the “loading card” text, it takes about 4mins.