Genuine Card?

Hi there,

I recently bought a Sandisk 32g Class 4 sdhc card for under £50 from Amazon (Jersey based). It has an etched serial number on the front (all be it too small and unreadable).  Mind you, the 2 gig card that came with my O2 phone you can’t read the number!

Ran it through an Android app on my phone called SD Tools and it gave me the following readings:-

space: 29.71gb
name: su32g
mid: 0x000003
date: 01/2011
firmware: 0x0
hardware: 0x8
scr: 0235800100000000
write 22.1mb/s

Not sure what all this means, but is it a genuine card? Or is there software out there that could authenticate this for me?

Thanks for reading.

Are you having any problems with it, or any thing strange going on?

Well, only had it a couple of days and no issues up until now.  Even though the seller seemed very genuine I’m always a bit scepticle.

Thanks for replying.

looks like you got nothing to worry about

Ok thanks people. I get your drift.  Just thought there might be some software out there that could verify the validity of a memory card.

Thanks for your time.