This is the model of Sansa Fuze that I have and love:


I’ve tried your newer model and DON’T LIKE IT

I sent it back to Amazon



Either that or a Sansa Clip with a bigger screen

If the Sansa Clip had a bigger screen with bigger letters on it

I would be more than happy with the Sansa Clip

I’m not interested in watching videos on my player

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Out of nowhere, my Sansa fuze was not being fully recognized by my computer. I tried a number of the suggestions on this topic thread and found a solution of my own. I haven’t read every post but I’ll tell you what worked for me.

Plug the Sansa Fuze into a USB port

R-CLICK My Computer

choose properties and then the Device Manager

Under PORTABLE DEVICES I could see my Sana Fuze with a little yellow triangle in it

R-CLICK on the triangle and choose uninstall driver

Disconnect the Sansa Fuze then reconnect it and it’s like you connected it for the very first time. The computer searches for the proper driver and VOILA my Sansa Fuze was recognized again as if nothing ever happened.

I hope this helps some of you. OBVIOUSLY, somehow, the USB driver for the Sansa Fuze became corrupted. This worked for me. I hope it helps you as well

Good Fortune to you!!

*NOTE: I have the Windows 7 64 bit operating system

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I cling to my Sansa Fuze 4gb player like a drowning nun clings to her crucifix.

I really love this player and really hate the newer model

I tried ordering a different brand player and don’t like it as much

There are so many little reasons why and I don’t want to list them.

However, it makes me feel leery about ordering any different brand of MP3 player.

I hate sending stuff back!

Sure wish you guys would take my advice.

If you fixed the problems people were complaining about, with the clip sport I would like to know;

WHAT A DRAG when you people think you are moving forward and you are taking steps back!!!

FIRE THE PEOPLE who make “improvements” that make your MP3 players worse!!!


SanDisk Support MANUFACTURER    1 year ago

Hi Gary Petersen,

My name is Allen from SanDisk support. I appreciate your feedback. We are currently working on improving file sorting and adding a key lock feature. We would have this features in the future firmware release however we do not have a date of release yet. Please contact us at 1-866-SANDISK or submit a support request at www.sandisk.com/support if you would like to provide any additional suggestions.

Thank you,

SanDisk Suppport


It seems to me that if you made the improvements by now you would let everyone know at the Amazon site. What’s up with this? Have you made the improvements? Have you fixed the problems?



Hello. Thank you for contacting SanDisk. I’ll be your Customer Care Specialist for today. One moment while I look into your question.
Lance Shield: SanDisk SupportMANUFACTURER1 year agoReport abuse
Hi Gary Petersen,

My name is Allen from SanDisk support. I appreciate your feedback. We are currently working on improving file sorting and adding a key lock feature. We would have this features in the future firmware release however we do not have a date of release yet. Please contact us at 1-866-SANDISK or submit a support request at www.sandisk.com/support if you would like to provide any additional suggestions.

Thank you,
SanDisk Suppport
Lance Shield: Have you made these improvements to the Clip Sport MP3 Player
Lance Shield: You’ve had a year to do so
Jack R.: Please allow me a moment.
Lance Shield: Thanks
Jack R.: Thank you for your patience.
Jack R.: We have added quite a few features to the clip sport player.
Jack R.: I would suggest you to please update the firmware of the player.
Lance Shield: I haven’t purchased it yet. I wanted to make certain you addressed the complaints people were having. Let me copy and paste them here
Jack R.: Sure.
Lance Shield: Pure and simple with the SanDisk Sport you CANNOT:

  1. Play songs in track # order (only alphabetically)
  2. Lock the keys during play so it skips every time you bump it so don’t plan using it during sports
  3. Combines albums of the same artist so they are all @#$$* up.
  4. Call SanDisk and get help. They think everyone likes music alphabetically and filled with sudden skips
    Jack R.: Lance, we have corrected all the mentioned concerns.
    Jack R.: Are you still with me, Elijah?
    Lance Shield: This is a review made YESTERDAY
    Lance Shield: However, the main problem I have is with the battery life. First, there’s no way of actually turning the thing off so you can save on battery but even more egregious, the battery doesn’t last for very long. I may be spoiled by my phone when I expect that a fully charged electronic device should last at least a day and if it doesn’t that’s the time to throw it out, but this thing didn’t even last an hour. I charged it all night long so it should have been charged and when I took it to the gym it went from fully charged to empty.
    Lance Shield: Trash. Garbage. Shame on SanDisk. Poorly designed controls, annoying menu and button lag, lower quality sound, and a tendency to freeze when being connected to or disconnected from a PC for charging or transferring files are among the new features fans of older SanDisk Sansas can look forward to when “upgrading” to this useless piece of junk. Sadly, it seems like acceptable options are dwindling for people who just want an MP3 player because they would rather not have to mess around with iTunes or similar services on their smart phones.
    Lance Shield: I am not encouraged. I love my old Sansa Fuze 4gb player with the scroll wheel. I have two of them and HATE your newer model. I was hoping that you would have made improvements by now. They least you could do is use a battery that lasts longer, for crying out loud!!!
    Jack R.: I understand.
    Lance Shield: SOMEONE ELSE WROTE
    Lance Shield: Battery life is great and sound quality is great. I use for about two weeks at the gym (2.5 hours 4 days a week) before charging. Easy to add music to. Haven’t
    Lance Shield: Guess I’ll have to buy it and see for myself
    Lance Shield: If I don’t like it I’ll send it back to Amazon
    Lance Shield: Finally got my sansa clip sport! Testing it out. So far so good. Long battery life. :slight_smile:
    Lance Shield: I don’t know. Sure hate conflicting reviews. Leaves me confused
    Lance Shield: Guess I should give it a try
    ‘Stacey M.’ has joined the chat.
    ‘Stacey M.’ changed to the lead role (‘Agent Role Change’).
    Stacey M.: Hello Lance.
    ‘Jack R.’ disconnected (‘Participant Left’).
    Stacey M.: My name is Stacey, one of the Level 2 technicians with SanDisk.
    Lance Shield: I’m reading conflicting reviews for your clip sport MP3 player. I don’t know who to believe. Guess I’ll just have to buy it and see if I like it
    Stacey M.: Please allow me a moment while I read the chat conversation.
    Stacey M.: Thank you for your patience.
    Stacey M.: Lance, some of the issues in the reviews were true that tracking the pictures in alphabetical order and the lock feature was an older issue but we have released the firmware which fixed the issues.
    Lance Shield: Well, I’m going to give the player a try. If I don’t like it BACK TO AMAZON IT GOES!!!
    Lance Shield: Thanks for your help
    Stacey M.: You’re welcome.
    Stacey M.: Is there anything else I may assist you with?
    Lance Shield: No, thanks for your help
    ‘Lance Shield’ disconnected (‘Concluded by End-user’).

I copied the chat and it looks like a mess of information.

SUPPOSEDLY, they have addressed the problems with the Clip Sport. However, I’m getting conflicting reviews from Amazon. One person says the battery doesn’t even last an hour. Another person says that battery lasts a very long time.


Guess I’ll just have to buy it from Amazon being fully prepared to send it back if I don’t like it

Guess I have to find out for myself.

If you’re looking for advice, or opinions from other Sport owners, may I suggest you look through the threads about the Sport in the Clip Sport board. There’s no use berating it in the Fuze board. Especially since you have never owned one yet. :wink:

You’re right. I forgot to consider there is a forum especially devoted to that player. Here’s the thing with me. Now that I fixed the problem with my old Sansa Fuze 4gb player I really don’t need a new player right now. My biggest frustration is I have a backup Sansa 4gb that I rotate between by taking the memory card out of one and putting it into the other. I do this quite regularly to make certain they both get used.

Well, the last time I did this JUST RECENTLY I can’t remember where I put it!!! I keep it in a special case. I’ve done this switchover MANY TIMES!!! Where the heck is it???

Rhetorical question

I am not usually this dumb

What a drag

Personally, after viewing a YouTube video review on the SanDisk Clip Sport it seems exactly what I wanted. A Sansa clip with a bgger screen, easier to read song titles and a longer lasting battery. Apparently, all the problems people were complaining about in 2014 have indeed been addressed now in 2015. That’s good to know for future reference!