I have a USB mode problem

Hello everyone, I have a problem I hope someone else can help me with.

I understand the problems associated with switching between MSC and MTP mode. I thought I had chosen MSC and not changed it. I recently had to resintall windows and when I went to change some audiobooks on my Fuze, windows would not recognize it anymore.  I get three quick beeps and then nothing. After messing around a bit I realized that my files were saved while in MTP mode but windows will only let me access my files in MSC mode.

Now I am stuck. I can’t get rid of the files already there (MPT mode) and I can only access stuff in MSC.

Is there away to wipe all the data without being plugged into MPT mode?

Thank you.

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“Is there away to wipe all the data without being plugged into MPT mode?”

 If you format the player using the player’s menu it will delete all the files in the player’s main memory. It won’t delete the files on a card in the player though.

I had to reinstall Windows is the key issue here.

Windows XP is “boxed” with Windows Media Player 9.  WiMP 9 is from the "pre-MTP era, and does not support the mode.  All you need to do is upgrade WiMP 9 to the latest, WiMP 11, and you’ll have MTP again.  It is possible to use the MTP Porting Kit separately, also downloadable from Microsoft, but simply clicking on Help > Check For Updates is the hot ticket.

Once MTP is restored, your Sansa will do just fine.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: