I have a question about where to return my Sandisk e260

Okay last night I dropping my sandisk e260. When I turned it on to see if it still worked it did but the screen was mostly white.  So I am going to return it but I want to know where. Do I call Sandisk technical support and wait for them to send me something or do I just simply return it back to the store from where I bought it. Thanks so much!!!

Call them up, they should say what to do do. They usually give you a ref code, then go to the point of purchase and give them the code.

I’ve owned a good number of SanDisk products and I’ve never needed a ref code to return something to the store.  Usually the store just wants the receipt and the original packaging, and they’ll either give you a refund or exchange depending on their policy.  You only need a ref number if you need to RMA your player, and you generally only need to do that after you’re past the store’s return period.

You might be able to fix your player, though, so I’d give that a shot first.  Try putting the player in Recovery Mode (turn on the Hold switch, hold down the Record button, and plug it in while holding the button down) and then run this file on your computer: http://www.sandisk.com/Assets/File/Downloads/firmware/e200fw01.00.12.exe