How do i get a refund ?

Im sick of this bugging software that resets the caching allmost everytime i restart the computer.

So how do i return this faulty hardware/software ? 

Return it to where you bought it from? :confounded:

Thought Sandisk would answer, but sence they didnt im returning it.

This crap should not have been released. It works for a couple of hours, then resets. 

Epic fail sandisk.

Im returning mine tomorrow.

This is a user’s forum, so it is not surprising you did not get a response from the company. If you wish to speak directly to SanDisk and/or their Tech Support about this issue/product, I suggest you use the available contact avenues located here:

Btw, you only asked how to get a refund, which I answered with the obvious. Had your question been more serious or looking for assistance, so might have been the reply. :wink:

Please see the post SanDisk just posted:

Interesting, so its an UI error not a real flush, just some data is emptied as the drive fills…