Technical Help with Sansa c240

My Screen is messed up. I think it accidentily got steped on or something like that. It still plays but the screen is almost black. I really don’t want to buy a new one so is there a way of having it sent to be repaired? Then again, if it cost more than buying a new one then I won’t bother. They don’t sell this model at the stores in town and I don’t want to buy another one online when they cost only ten dollars less than what I paid for at the college, yet have to pay for shipping. So if I can get it fixed for less than $40 then I am good.

Unfortunately SanDisk doesn’t do repairs on the players, but you can look for someone locally to do it.  Or you might even be able to find someone on the internet to do it if you don’t mind sending it away.

One final option is to do it yourself.  You could purchase an inoperable player with a good screen and switch them out yourself if you feel comfortable enough taking the player apart.  If it’s already broken what’ve you got to lose?  The warranty is already void because of physical damage.

That is sad that SanDisk does not do repairs. I would think that they would at least have the manufacturer fix them. I guess they just want people to buy more MP3 players. I know on my Playstation 2 I could have it sent off and get it fixed but I guess that doesn’t apply to all electronics.

I went ahead on ebay and bought a Sansa e250 for $0.99, well the auction hasn’t ended yet. Those were refurbished by the manufacturer. Which got me thinking, how can these people on ebay sell refurbs yet I can’t find the manufacturer on SanDisk’s website. I lost my instruction manual anyway so maybe that is one reason why I cannot find it.

SanDisk doesn’t refurbish the players.  Be careful what you buy on eBay.