I cannot download anything onto clip sport or else it auto disconnects

Just recently I have had a major problem. My sandisk clip sport will not allow any more downloads despite the fact that it was not even full and would disconnect afterwards. Some of the file names were corrupted and when I tried to disconnect it and reconnect it I found that it was actually missing some files and had other files on it with odd text and letters I’ve never seen before. In a desperate attempt to see if it had too much stuff on it I decided to reformat it. After doing that it did remove all of my files but I am still having the same issue with it disconnecting when I try to download something. Can someone please help me? 

Try using a different usb cable. Make sure the cable is fully inserted. Plug the cable directly into a rear usb port if you have a desktop pc. Don’t use a hub or usb extension cable. If you have a notebook pc, plug the notebook in first before connecting the player. Don’t use a hub or usb extension cable.

Are your files all compatible with the player? I assume you are using a PC with Windows.

Just grasping here, but:  you might try another reformat under the Clip’s System settings menu.  Also, you might try running a chkdsk on the Clip from your computer (right click on the Clip drive, choose Properties, choose Tools, choose Error checking).  And finally, you might try reformatting the Clip through the computer, if nothing else is working.