i can not install windows 8 on my hd extreme 240GB ssd

I try to install through a pen drive boot. but when I have to choose the hd to be installed simply does not appear any hd

I need urgent help!

this usually means there is something wrong with the parttion. here are instructions for using diskpart. this should be able to clear the partition and create a new one. the instructions below are for windows 7 but the process should be the same.

  1. Insert the windows 7 DVD into the DVD drive.
    2.On the disk selection screen, press SHIFT+F10. A Command Prompt window opens.
    3.Type diskpart, and then press ENTER to open the diskpart tool.
    4.Type list disk, and then press ENTER. A list of available hard disks is displayed.
    5.Type sel disk number, and then press ENTER. number is the number of the hard disk that you want to clean. The hard disk is now selected.
    6.Type det disk, and then press ENTER. A list of partitions on the hard disk is displayed. Use this information to verify that the correct disk is selected.
    7.Make sure that the disk does not contain required data, type clean all, and then press ENTER to clean the disk.

All the partitions and all the data on the disk is permanently removed.
8.Type exit, and then press ENTER to close

  1. Continue istallation of Windows OS by using automatic partitioning scheme rather than creating partitions yourself.

I tried this method. disckpart but does not recognize the HD. My hd is not defective since I already have the win8 installed on it. but I can not install again. why Win8 installer no longer recognizes it.

that would probably be a better question for a Win 8 forum.