How to WiFi transfer MP3 files to iPad Music Library folder... ??

Today my eBay bought Sandisk SDWS4 arrived. To be honest I was a bit disappointed that it could not access any folder of my choice in my iPad.

Thus far, I only managed to safe the WiFi tranfered MP3 files from my PC to “My Downloads” folder of the Sandisk SDWS4 application. Is there any way to WiFi transfer MP3 files to iPad Music Library folder?

Actually, I believed that Sandisk SDWS4 would open a list of all iPad folders so I then could assign the upload or at least allow me to activate any iPad folder on the upload folder list. -  Yet, no… it only allows very  limited and inflexible choice of upload folders. Will there ever be an update for it or is it simple impossible??

Thank you for your Info, Joh from St’go de Chile

iOS sandboxes all third party apps. the only part of an iOS device third party apps can access is the camera roll. this is a limitation of iOS. 

Thank you for the Info. :slight_smile: - I wonder… what entitles Apple to share my private photos and music and how can consumers tolerate it? Shocking! Is there no other music player with library, which I can install, instead? In that regards Samsung is far less invasive than Apple. The problem is most other audio applications only work with/ refer to Apple’s iTunes library. I wished Sandisk WiFi could access any folder on my iPad, for now it is only able to access very few folders and does not all the user to configure its own upload preference. So, now I can only upload it to the Sandisk application folder “My Downloads” and its player. Pretty futile, because from there I cannot even transfer it into the iTunes library… :frowning: