Can't upload anything from ipad

I have the app installed, all latest firmware. If I click on upload icon and then select upload photos, I get the choice of my two photo albums and can upload fine. However, if I select “upload files from ipad”, I get a listing that is titled Files and Documents but is entirely empty (as in “Folder is empty”). I have a number of pdfs, docs, and ppts on this ipad but the sandisk drive sees none of them. How do I get it to see them? Otherwise, this goes back to Best Buy tomorrow.

There are limits of what third party apps can access in iOS. basically in iOS third party apps only have read/write access to the photo roll. If you have files stored anywhere else the app cant access them.  since the photo roll can only have pictures or video there is a storage area created inside the WFD app so files other than photos or pictures can be transfered to an iOS device but this still does not give the WFD app access to files stored on an iOS device in areas other than the photo roll.