Files transfer from PC (Windows / Mac) to SanDisk WMD

How do we transfer files from PC (Windows / Mac) to SanDisk Wireless Media Drive without a cable & without a 3rd party app?

If iPhone, iPad and Andriod require an additional app, before it can use SanDisk Wireless Media Drive. It is understandable and acceptable.

But for a PC that is fully functionable (with WIFI), why cannot it be transfer using wirelessly? A 3rd party app may solve the problem but not all of the PCs will install such 3rd party app. What if I am require to transfer a file urgently between a laptop to a smart device (Apple / Andriod) without my cable? That is as good as dead end.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Meda Drive must support Windows / Mac using wirelessly, as it is the name for this device.

After you have joined the Sandisk Media Centre Wifi hotspot you can access it in your web browser at or

You can then upload/download using the web page buttons