how to transfer music from ipad mini to sandisk flash drive

I just bought a flash drive and trying to directly transfer music from my ipad toflash drive. But could not succeed. seems very complex. Please help.

iOS limits the access of where the music is stored. Third party apps cannot directly access music stored on a iOS device. You would need to copy the music to a computer by connecting the iPad to the computer and syncing it with iTunes. Once the music os on your computer you can copy it to the iXpand and play the  music from the iXpand. 

thanks for the reply. I tried to do that but it was not played by ipad  as the format was not supported. Can i cloud help in transfering  music and videos ?

the iXpand does not have access to iCloud. 

The iXpand support a lot of file types see below. What type of files are you trying to play?

support music file types

NOTE: Playback of DRM enabled files is not supported by iXpand Sync. 

It is more likely that some songs on your iPad are purchased from iTunes while some are not. In this case, Coolmuster iOS Manager can help you break away from the limitation of iTunes. Yes, this software allows you get any music off iPad onto your computer.

I need your help to set up my music sandisk from ipad