How to stop it from playing anything?

How do I get my Sansa Fuze to stop playing anything at all?

I realize I can “pause” the playing of a song or I can mute the output. But what I’d like to do occasionally is simply have it sit there idle while I decide what I want to do next. I notice that, even if I shut it off completely, when I turn it back on, it’s starts playing whatever it was before I shut it off.

There must be something simple I’m missing here.


Nope There is nothing to STOP per se. There are no moving parts to pause and stop are basically the same. There have been some work arounds though. The only one of those I remember is to go to videos and start playing one (If you dont have one thats even better) Then hit the home button thats as close to stop as you can get.

Yes, we could call that OCD Mode.  Perhaps, we could rename “now playing” to “here’s what’s currently queued up”.

Seriously, the scrolling “now playing” may annoy some, but as long as you’re paused, finding a new song / album / video / podcast / book / FM radio is initiated by a press of the Home button.

Once you get the feel for navigation on your Sansa, simply “pausing” the device is hte same as “stop”, it just waits for you to either resume the last played song or choose a new one.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: