how do you stop a playing song

when playing a song or video how do you stop the song other than just times i would like to stop whats playing and go to another activity other than just pausing and waiting for fuse to shut down or cutting off with on/off switch while song or video is still playing.

There is no stop button.  You can hit the Home button anytime and go back to the main menu to select a new action.

Actually if you pause/stop you don’t have to wait.   Pause/stop then you can do whatever you need.  I pause/stop it to move to another song, pause to answer the phone, pause to go to Podcasts or whatever.  If you are listening to poscasts or audiobooks, if you pause, go to somewhere else (like songs or shut it off) then come back it gives you the option of resuming playback where you left off or starting over.

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thanks for the info.i recently upgraded from a old dell mp3 player.just takes some time to get used to sansa.but so far i love it.much better even than my daughters ipod.really like the radio option

Yes it does take some time to get use to.  And what features it has available.  It took me a while (can I use the excuse I’ve never had an mp3 before and had no clue what I was doing… :wink:

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One more thing, you don’t even have to stop a song (or radio) to scroll through the options or just look through your Fuze, I just did to check the settings.  Once you choose something the song will stop playing and go to that option.  The song that is playing will scroll across the bottom of the screen.