Can't stop the music

I know this is a lame question {my user name should be ‘moron’} but, how do I stop the music from playing on my Sansa Fuze? Even when I switch to the main menu, my songs keep playing. I shut it off and turn it back on and the music is still saying it’s playing. What am I missing here?

When you’re on the “Now Playing” screen, just press the “north” portion of the dial (right under the >|| symbol) – this pauses the music. It should stay paused even when you turn the player off and on again. Then just push the dial in the same spot again to start playing the music again.

there is only pause it is the >|| button at the top of the scroll wheel. 

Might want to spend a couple minutes and read the User’s Guide too. Never know what you might learn. There’s all kinds of useful tidbits in there. :wink:

I think what is confusing with the Sandisk players is that, yes, you can “stop” the music by pausing it, but to most people pausing is not the same as stopping it.

A minor distinction, as I know there are no moving parts to wear out. :wink:

So, that’s it? The music can be “paused” but it can’t be “stopped”?

Similarly, the Radio can’t be turned off - it can only be muted?


There’s not a disc or tape to be stopped. So pause IS stop, with a bookmark where you stopped. Leave it on Pause for a while and it will shut down. And when you don’t want to listen to the radio, go to the menu and do something else. If you want to turn the unit off, hold the power button up until it says Goodbye.