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                       i have aproblem with my8GB  flash drive any time i plug with it to a computer and try to  writte any (cut,copy it shows that it is write protected please tell me what to do

Follow the link in the post just above yours. It has specific instructions on how to solve this problem.

re= how to remove write protection scandisk pen drive 16 gb in win xp

i have San Disk Cruzer Blade USB Device 8GB

1.the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies.
  The value ‘WriteProtect’ should be absent or set to ‘0’.

2.Write protection ON or OFF button on stick then

  1. Shutdown your computer or laptop
  2. Insert USB Memory Stick into your laptop or Computer
  3. Turn on laptop and then immediately start pressing (F8) key then Advanced Boot Options screen will come up
  4. Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt
  5. After loading files if your USB Memory Stick drive letter is (G) for example then write as
  6. C:\windows\system32>G: and press enter
  7. G:\>format G: and press enter
  8. If ask you (Y/N) then press (Y) and press enter

3.USB Storage write protection (Fix)

  1. Start > Accessories > Run Command Prompt As Administrator
  2. type > >chkdsk t: /F /X
    (use your own drive letter where f: is)

4.Low Level Formatter  software
5. disk getory recover
6. Hard disk washer
7.partition manager
8.Active kill disk

i followed all these files and software and many cmd command  but could not remove write protect …what do i do?

 San Disk Cruzer Blade USB Device 8GB

i followed all these files and software and many cmd command  but could not remove write protect …what do i do?

can you make any new setting for San Disk Cruzer Blade USB Device 8GB

just like sand disk write protect formated

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. . . but could not remove write protect …what do i do?

Click on the link in the post above yours and follow the advice given.


Sorry, but simply returning the drive is not working for me.  Due to the nature of my work, I can not simply hand over my faulty drive and receive a new one, as the data on the drive can be read by ANYONE!!.  There has to be a way to fix this PLEASE.  I’m an accountant and are working with sensitive data!!

You’re not alone.  Read this post and the one following it.

Step 1:


One more thing to check: 
> Click Start->Run, enter: regedit
> Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control
> Does sub-key StorageDevicePolicies exist? If yes, right click to delete this sub-key

Step 2:

insert the USB device, then

control panel->Admin Tools->Disk Management

Your boot drive will show as C:\ and under 
Layout will be  Partition
File System will show  NTFS

How does your USB show up?

Step 3:

So if you go to  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control
look for  StorageDevicePolicies  – if found, open it and look for  WriteProtect  - - delete the key

Step 4:

Try this …it definitely works…I found it after lot of research online…

download and use  Ufix-II

all the very best !! 

i have done these all but problem is same…

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me what should i do now…

Do you have a PNY, HP or SanDisk flash drive?  If you have a PNY or HP drive did you try their RMA link?

If you have a SanDisk flash drive try this link:

dear team

i want

remove the password but i don’t no password

My usb pot is not  working, always asking the write protection so please help me .

please help me

Read the posting 2 above yours.

i have the problem to format sandisk pendrive…the pendrive show the disk write protected…when i follow step make easy to reformat pendrive write into Start > Run > type ‘regedit…bla bla…but my computer can’t see StorageDevicePolicies at the end…so what can i do to  make my pendrive see this word and can format as usual…tq

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i have the problem to format sandisk pendrive…the pendrive show the disk write protected…so what can i do

Read the reply 4 above yours (#33).

I don’t know about others, but the drive worked fine this morning when I uploaded files from an XP box

That after noon, on a Win7 machine - it won’t accept writes or delete.

Meanwhile, the other two have been merrily writing and deleting from all three machines (xp, vista and win7).  Not reasuring to have a functional drive suddenly “quit” functioning when you need it.   (In this case, I did not happen to actually “need” it.)

Dear sir,

The subject is 8GB USB drive right protected. Removal?


Removal not possible.


Here are few links where you can get the problem refer and fix your issue

Please follow the directions and you can remove it.



On the usb flash drive its self there may be a switch that will add or remove copy protection

If you are sure that there is no write-protect switch. You can try low-level format it.