My sandisk ultra usb 3.0 is write protected what to do?

My new sandisk ultra usb 3.0 is write protected.
I tried to change it throgh command prompt ( attributes disk clean read only) but the issue is not solved

I tried to change it through regedit. But still issue is not solved.

I tried to change it through third party software. But it didn’t work.

Whatever I do, I can disable readonly but could not change Current read-only state to No.

Any help guys? What to do?

Hi @nredthry,

Please check mention below link article of Write Protect Error on USB Flash Drives:

Users need to file a class action lawsuit against Sandisk. This problem is solvable, but Sandisk refuses to fix it, because they’re making a ton of money off it.


Disable write protection using command line (CMD)

  1. Connect your write protected SD card to your computer.
  2. Right Click on Start. …
  3. Type diskpart and hit Enter.
  4. Type list disk and hit Enter. …
  5. Type select disk . …
  6. Type attributes disk clear readonly and press Enter.

That didn’t work

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If you still can’t remove the read-only of the drive, reformat it using diskpart or 3rd-party software,
or use a non-windows machine for reformating of drive to ensure the success of resetting drive/partition flags

Add to that:

  • clean
  • create partition primary
  • format fs=ntfs
  • exit

It will work!

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Do NOT recommend the old ntfs format for USB drives. More writes, more wear, slows down the drive. For drives over 32 GB use format fs=exfat.

Immediate return, flash drives go write only when they fail.

I really don’t think any budget drives are fully burned in at the factory to test for defects, takes too long, often hours.

Always run the check flash tool on a new drive to fill and verify all the memory, it takes a long time.

If any errors are found, immediate return.

Hate that this is necessary, but consumers need to understand they are the quality control at this price.


So I faced the exact same problem today. Luckily I already had a software called as “Mini tool partition wizard” which I installed before for other purposes but it really helped me this time. Just google the name and you’ll find this small tool.

Just insert your disk

You will find your pen drive in the list. Now right click on the disk as shown and click on “Delete all partitions”.

After that, right click on the actual deleted partition,

Then click on “Create”. You don’t see the “Create” in this screenshot because I have already created it. But you’ll find it. Then you can add the name of the disk, the format, etc. click ok.

Finally, you need to click on “Apply” button that will appear at the bottom left.

That’s it, you are done. Now you can use your pen drive.

It should be noted all and any files a user may have on the drive will be gone with your approach.

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Not worked

It looks like your “Disk 3” says “Unformatted”, you need to right click and click “Format”. Then choose a filetype. You can either choose NTFS, FAT21 or exFAT (all the three are good for Windows). Then “Apply” the changes. I think it will start working.

Note that Formatting will delete everything from your drive.

I noticed that in your screenshot it says “Read Only”. There could be many reasons that happens. Maybe the hard drive is corrupt or there might be some kind of physical button that makes the drive read only (although that rarely happens in new drives). In most of the cases, I think formatting the disk should remove the “Read Only” problem.

No any options are showing after i right click on the disk whereas other drives showing properly

Hello to all. First, let me mention that my forensic computer skills are average at best. Having said that, I think I should pass along something that happened to me, earlier today. It may help just a few of those that are experiencing this write-protected problem. First, a tad bit of background.

I am using SanDisk Micro SDXC memory cards in one of my MP3 players, and also in one of my drones. As in standard practice to some of you, and in order to either add MP3 files to my MP3 player or if I want to download video files from my drone, I use an adapter in order to size the micro card up in order to fit the slot in my desktop tower. I have 2 of these adapters.

So, a few days ago I added some MP3 music to my MP3 player; no problem. This morning, I attempted to add some more music to the very same micro memory card, and I got a response that the card was “write protected”. I removed and reinserted the micro memory card/adapter twice; freshly loading on both occasions. Obviously, this made no sense to me whatsoever.

On a whim, I removed the micro memory card from one adapter, and put it in the other. Bingo, I was able to add the MP3 music files with no problem. So, it seems that at least in my particular case, the adapter itself was causing the problem. It should go without saying that the offending adapter is now in File 13. Thank you for reading.

Same problem scandisk 3.0 usb thumb drive write protected. Why is anyone here making suggestions concerning card adapters? All aforementioned solutions fail!

Hey BB, did you even take the time to carefully read my comment? I never claimed that it WOULD help, only that it MAY help others. Let me try to dumb this down for you, with all due respect.

1.) At the time, I had 2 SanDisk Micro SDXC memory card adapters, that would have been originally included with my purchase of SanDisk Micro SDXC memory cards.
2.) On a particular day, I used one of the adapters, along with a SanDisk Micro memory card, and inserted it in the available slot in my desktop computer, in order to add some MP3 music/songs. Everything went find; songs downloaded correctly.
3.) A few days later, I repeated this process, but for some reason, my desktop would not allow the download, with a popup window informing me that the memory card was write protected. I removed and reinserted the micro memory card/adapter into the desktop slot several times, and I also removed and reinserted the micro memory card in the adapter several times. Each time afterwards, I got the same popup window, stating that the card was write protected.
4.) After researching this problem online, with no solutions that appeared to work for me, and on a whim, I removed the micro memory card from one of my adapters, and inserted it in the other adapter.
5.) Presto, the popup window did not appear, and I was able to download my music, just as I had been able to do a few days earlier. Obviously, I discarded the adapter that APPEARED to have caused the problem.

I will rightfully admit, I am not dealing with a USB related issue, but I did come across this post as I was trying to get a solution to my particular problem. So my friend, my question to you is; what is your problem with my response?

I am truly sorry for your loss.

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