My sandisk ultra usb 3.0 is write protected what to do?

I have same wite protct error. They say it is because of unsafe removal of USB stick.

There must be a way of removing write protection vua Sandisc tech support.

Can anybody help me?

way I did it was go to computer management and click on the usb drive and delete volume and it worked

can you try hard disk low level format tool

Hi, I had the same issue with an ssd, according to sandisk support , write protected mode is done by the storage firmware when it traces problem in the storage.
To save the user data , the drive is going to a locked mode.
Since SanDisk does not provide for most storage e.g sdcard ssd a firnware update or reconfigure tool you can say r.i.p to the storage.
Other option is to backup and do llf.

Hope this helps.

its helpful and after long time i am able to use my 64gb Pandrive…thanks a lot Anish :blue_heart:

This worked perfectly! Thanks Anish!

doesn’t work for my SanDisk ultra backup. READ ONLY

Also tried the cmd method but it’s not working. The pendrive is still write protected.

I am not getting the option to right click on the pendrive. It’s sandisk ultra usb 3.0 I am not able to format the pendrive due to the write protect please help. been stuck in this for like months. None of the methods online are working.

Return it to the seller or SanDisk. Replacements are free.

bro, i got fixed by this tool called Ratool.exe

Ratool (Remove any write protected)