HELP!!!!! how do i reomove 'write protected' message from my 16gb flash drive?

hi,i bought a 16gb sandisk flash drive from carphone warehouse some week ago.however after using it for some days ,i have been getting messages that the disk is write protected?

 please what does that mean and how do i remove the write protection?

secondly,how do i delete stuffe from the disk?

thank you

I too have the same problem. I recently purchased an 8Gb flash drive and it worked fine for few days. But now it says write protected. Could some one help what can be done as i am not able to delete any files or format the drive.

Return the unit as defective, either to the dealer you bought it from or SanDisk directly for a warranty replacement.

I wonder how many of these write protected drives have been used in xBoxes and car sound systems and etc.  I also wonder how many have pirated games and/or music on them which is triggering the protection problem.

The problem exists but the cause is not even close to being identified.  Power surges?  Low power?  USB 1.1 ports?  USB 3.x ports? Antivirus apps? Antimalware apps? Corrupted Windows Updates?  etc. etc. etc.

And the people reporting the problem provide minimal technical information.

It is indeed a tough problem to identify.

Where do we send these malfunctioning drives back to SanDisk?

@tahoeswift wrote:

Where do we send these malfunctioning drives back to SanDisk?

First, if new, you should return them to the dealer you bought it from. They’ll take care of you and then settle up with SanDisk via their RTV (Return To Vendor) dept.

If you are past the dealer’s return window, contact SanDisk about an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) first. They will then give you the address to send the defective product to.

Note that ti’s quickest and easiest to call Sandisk, rather than e-mialing or even doing the Live Chat thing.

ok. But calling the company to do this took more than 30 minutes!  There was definitely a language barrier, which always aggravates me.  And then, after all that, he transferred me to a different employee who then hung up on me.  Next time I will just drive to the store and buy another product.  

Shouldn’t be to tough to identify since it seems to be happening left and right. Mine just happened on XP with no pirated games or music on them. I did have it in a usb 1.1 port but the problem does not go away in 2.0 port.

David Hockenberger

This is a known hardware error and can’t be fixed. Sandisk is aware of the issue, although there is no official recall for the product. This is an offical answer if you contact customer service:

"I understand that you are getting write protection error while accessing your Cruzer flash drive. The flash drive has detected a potential fault and has become write protected to prevent data loss. There is no method to fix this. You will need to backup your data and replace the flash drive.

Our team of developers is in combination with the OS developers looking into a solution to resolve this issue.

Please note that only a minor percentage of users are experiencing the write protection issue and these are the customers posting on the internet to find a solution."

SOLUTION 1: Return to where you bought and get a refund (as others usb drives might have the same issue)

SOLUTION 2: Contact Sandisk costumer service and get a refund, for the same reasons


please … please help me how to remove write protection from my 16GB flash drive.

@nmartenez wrote:



please … please help me how to remove write protection from my 16GB flash drive.

Did you _ read _ any of the above posts in this thread? :confounded:

It sure seems like most posters don’t.  Which makes one wonder, do they read our replies? :dizzy_face:

:smileyvery-happy:Ed_P, This topic is not funny but!!! your comment and tapeworm’s gave me a good laugh,

or if your reply was verbal “In one ear and out the other” hehe sry! mmmm no i’m not, i have a near new 32Gb sandisk

cruzer. So really can’t even function now as a usefull paperweight…mm should be cranky now nah can’t be bothered its friday and my mood always improves by friday afternoon )) Ed_P DON’T stop wondering as Sheldon doesn’t.:smiley:

have a good weekend anyway,



I Just used for less 2-3 minutes, while downloading a short clip from the youtube, using the famous pluging (downloadhelper) of the mozdila.

I just bought this pen (exactly the same 16GB of the member who created the topic) to solve a problem of my nootebook to fix erros of my windows 7 services startup (…)

Anyway, this was my first product and for sure the last one…very disappointed!

SanDisk, you the Kewn it all the time the problem, the issue…whatever and you still send this piece of “tecnology” to the resellers…

Are you serious manufactured…are you kidding with our money!

Where is the proper solution

There’s no word’s to describe how you disrespectful the consumers, i bought today por 42 reais (brazillian currency, i’m not brazillian guy…it doesn’t matter…) about 21 dolars…

I’m prety sure, that i’ll not get a refund, from the shop (this is brazil…).

I just like to end and to say…shame on you SanDisk, and thank you very much for not presenting a decent software solution!!



“Where is the proper solution”

As posted numerous times RETURN IT.  If the store you bought it at won’t replace it then contact SanDisk directly for a replacement.


Enjoy your weekend.  :wink: 

Sorry SanDisk Guru,

I know you are doing your best to trying to help everyone here :smiley:

But this is a serious problem…a real one!

The big majority of the stores here in the Brasil they don’t give you a warranty, only a receipt or a just simple invoiced (if i were Portugal would be a lot different…)

Anyway, as i told before, SanDisk should have a proper solution, a simple software solution with just 2 click’s (like  format too** l in house by SanDisk**, and there’s none) and not paying the transportation and actualy that is very expensive…at minimum half of price of the product.


"I know you are doing your best to trying to help everyone here :smiley:"

Thank you.  We try.

"_ SanDisk should have a proper solution, a simple software solution with just 2 click’s_ "

No question that would be preferred by everybody, SanDisk included.  Which leads me to believe the problem is more serious than a software glitch. I suspect something is getting shorted out inside the chip.  It could be caused by heat, low voltage or a high voltage spike but once done there is no fix.

On the bright side, at least the error doesn’t cause one to loose all their files.  Imagine how you’d feel if that happened. :wink:

Send your USB drive back to SanDisk, the least expensive way you can, and get a replacement drive.  That way your purchase won’t be a complete lost.  Sorry, but it’s the only way.

Howdy Ed,

I really apreciated your attention and i agreed with you about the different causes of the issue…there is so many possibility’s (…)

On my case, it was very strange perhaps it was just high voltage spike when i switch the computers, but today it was my lucky day, and went to the store were i purchase the pen drive and they…exchange for a new pen!

After all, the quality of the stores in Brazil it’s improving…that’s a good sign!

The knew one works perfectly! :smileyhappy

have a nice weekend,


Thank you for the update azores.  Good to hear you got a working replacement. 

FWIW I read on another thread today that someone who returned their Cruzer to SanDisk did so with a prepaid shipping label. So the replacement service doesn’t cost anything.  Good to know right.  :smiley: