How to perminately delete Sandisk Club and SecureAccess

How does one get rid of Sandisk Club and Sandisk SecureAccess perminately.

I bought a bunch of 32GB Cruzer Glide drives to serve as recovery USB. I deleted the files, formated them, and then used the samsung recovery tool to make a restoration USB. All the Sandisk USB fail ( others do not have this issue ). The problem seems to be that Sandisk Club and Sandisk SecureAccess comes back during the process the recovery tool uses to make the restoration USB and these programs use just enough memory to exceed the drive size.

Thk’s, JY

How does one get rid of Sandisk Club and Sandisk SecureAccess perminately.”

Plug in your Flash Drive, when the AutoPlay windows appears click on Open folder to view files option.  Highlight the two .exe files, RIGHT click and select the Detete option to remove the two files.  Repeat the process for the two folders. 

Not sure what you are doing but it’s not that hard.  And they don’t automatically reappear.

I have done that and confirmed that they are gone. The samsung recovery program does some type of low level format to make them USB bootable for windows 8. After the operation fails, I look at them and the files are back. Done this a couple of times myself after it was reported to me by my guys. The PNY/Corsair work fine ( of course they have nothing on them to begin with ).

I am at a loss, or my people are really messing with me.

Thx’s, JY


Interesting.  So the SamSung Recovery app, in trying not to loose user’s files that may be on the drive before it makes it bootable, is undeleting anything it finds at the end of the process. 

Are there any options when running the Recovery app to not do that?  If not you may be forced to do a full format rather than a quick format of the flash drive. 

FWIW I use RMPrepUSB to make my flash drives bootable.