SecureAccess problem

OK so I downloaded SecureAccess from here: and it creates two files called:

SanDisk Secure Access Settings

SanDisk Secure Access Application

The problem is (and this is much the same with most free encryption software that I have been testing), you can delete these files. To me this is a critical error as someone can accidentally or purposefully delete these files therefore removing your data.

Contrast this with WD My Passport Ultra:

  • The CD Drive WD Unlocker, if left in locked mode, does not have delete or format options in Windows. This is good.

  • A password needs to be entered to unlock the drive. This is also good

I am really looking for this solution for my SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Drive as there doesn’t seem much point to me in installing critical software that can be deleted so easily.

If security is your concern you should be considering buying a Carbide flash drive.

Here’s a link describing it.

That looks awesome! I will see if I can find it although I am now living in a part of the world where this type of hardware may not be available.

On a more basic level is there anything I can do individually to:

1. Prevent files being accidentally deleted. I tried the ‘Deny Security Permission’ option on this link: but it somehow didn’t work on a test flash drive formatted to NTFS. The Prevent v.1.0 application would have probably been too excessive, unless it can be designed to run on a usb drive only and not the whole OS, which I think isn’t possible.

2. Password protect pdfs, files or other documents.

3. Ask for a password before formatting.

You can minimize accidental deleting of files by changing some of their attributes.  As to whether that will impact the running of the app I don’t know, you will have to expirement and see what happens. 

Open a Command Prompt window and switch to the directory of the flash drive.  Assuming F: is your flash drive’s letter at the Command Prompt enter:


Your prompt will change from C:\Users\you> to


Next enter:


Then to the files you want to protect enter:

ATTRIB +R filename

This will make the file read only and will stop accidentlal deleting of the file.  It will not stop deliberate deleting if intended and should not impact the use of the file.

You could try:

ATTRIB +S filename

But not sure if that will impact the use of the file.  If it does then use:

ATTRIB -S filename to remove the attribute.

You can probably do some of this thru Windows Explorer and the Properties function of a file if you want to try that approach.

Have fun.


Thanks for letting me know the DOS prompts. I may also try it through the GUIs.

There’s quite a lot to learn with data backing up and protection procedures. Luckily I am not running a big business and the documents I need to keep in digital format are at a minimum.