How to get songs from rhasody to add to fuze?

I have sucessfully taken music from a CD I own - added it to my computer an dthen added that to the Fuze. That was an easy to understand process. I have done the same for photos as well as video.

But, in Rhapsody I see lots o fmusic I supposedly can add to my fuze as well. I’m not understanding that process. I can add albums in Rhapsody and listen to them, but I get a “prohibited” icon when I try to add them to my library or channels on Rhapsody as well as my fuze. I have “authorized” my computer as well as the Fuze devide - but no luck in getting songs D/L’d

SO what is the step-by-step process required to get internet albums/songs from the rhapsody selection onto my Fuze? I am subscribed and logged into Rhapsody. 

If the Rhapsody client won’t let you drag a song to the library , and you are logged in, do you have Rhapsody Unlimited or Rhapsody To Go?

You need the To Go version to allow transfers to your device.  Rhapsody named the two variants in a confusing way, as I would also assume that “unlimited” means just that.  Au contraire!

Go to your account settings and see if you have the To Go membership.  Once you upgrade (a few bucks more per month), you’re ready to roll!

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I guess the issue is that I need to be on a monthly recurring charge with Rhapsody to get music. Thnaks for the info. I don’t ever get onto recurring charges because they are next to impossible to halt.

But I guess the deal is that I must buy a recurring memberhsip or use some other online music source that does per song charge.

Coming from one who has experienced the death grip of America Online years ago, where discontinuing the service was a matter of negotiations, black helicopters, and congressmen, the RealNetworks / Rhapsody situation is a breath of fresh air.

They default to discontinuing the subscription if there is a billing problem, to avoid heartaches.  Renewing a subscription is a matter of confirming your account information.

And the burning question?  Simply discontinue service from your account preferences.  No questions, just one click on the requisite box. 

They have a live chat too, or telephone.

Dealing with technical difficulties can involve issues, such as needing “tier 2” support or higher, but as far as the account specifics go, there are no major issues.  Rhapsody is easy to deal with.  I would not recommend a service to you unless I feel confident in that.

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well im`n just wondering how to get ti Rhapsody!!! I thought it came free with the fuze!!! so why does it ask e to py up when i try to sign up? someone plase help!:cry:

i added song on to my fuze but doesn’t show the little thing to tell when its going to expire is that a problem

The Rhapsody music program is included with the CD.  If you simply use the Rhapsody program to organize your “local” music, then there is no charge.  You can run it offline.

Now, the “big” thing with Rhapsody is the ability to pay 15 bucks a month and download any one of Rhapsody’s 5 million tracks to the Fuze and it will function for 30 days.  After which, you must renew the track license. 

The track license can be renewed indefinitely as long as the Artist/Label allows Rhapsody to make the track available for download.

As long as you pay $15 a month, you can continue with the subscription. 

You can also purchase DRM-Free tracks at .99 each and use the Rhapsody software to transfer to your device. 

For subscription tracks to work, however, your Fuze must be set to MTP mode or “Auto-Detect”

For more information regarding Rhapsody and it’s programs see the following link

Well - I believe that if I am having issues/questions with the product then I feel there are many others with the same “dificulties” = meaning Rhapsody/FUZE are not achieving their potential income. I also dislike not having the option up front of non-recurring charges.

So I pay $0.99 per track and have to update each track license every month? Is that what I am reading? You have to be kidding. SO I buy ONE Track and pay $12 in one yera for one track? That is the cost of an album in many cases.

This is not the “free music” I saw on the FUZE advertising that I expected. Welcome to marketing fraud101 :slight_smile:


You misunderstood me.

The $15 fee is simply for subscription tracks, and you get unlimited downloads to your device, and can keep the track indefinitely as long as you maintain your subscription and renew the license once every 30 days (and the artist/label makes the track available for subscription…That’s the biggie). 

If you pay .99 for the track you own it.  It is DRM free 256Kbit MP3, and once you purchase it, it is yours.

IMHO the biggest advantage of Rhapsody over I-Tunes is that I-Tunes is purchase only…  Rhapsody gives you a choice.  For $15 a month I can rent access to over 5 million tracks and sample all types of music I normally wouldn’t purchase unheard.  If I like what I hear, then I have the option to keep that music by purchasing it.

If you are simply interested in purchasing music, you can do that through rhapsody without a subscription.  You can sign up for a free account and purchase to your hearts content.  Rhapsody has gone fully DRM free on it’s purchased tracks, so all your purchases are DRM free high quality 256kps MP3’s

Think of Rhapsody as kind of like Netflix for Music.  For a subscription fee, I can “rent” a title and keep it as long as I like (no late fees (grin)) as long as I maintain my subscription.  Rhapsody also allows me to purchase the track, after which it is mine, and I can keep it, burn it, move it, etc. forever.  Even after I cancel my subscription.

So the easiest comparison is that Rhapsody is like a mix between Netflix and I-tunes…  I can “rent” or “buy”.  It really is IMHO the best of both worlds.  I like to continually listen to new music, but I’m not willing to purchase every new track that gets played on the radio.  So with Rhapsody I can keep abreast of new music constantly without having to buy individual tracks or albums.  When I discover an Artist I really like, then I can purchase it and keep it forever.

As you may have guessed, Rhapsody integration, is one of my primary reasons for preferring the Fuze over the Ipod.  Until apple offers a similar plan, I’ll be sticking with Sansa’s or Zune’s (Zune market place is similar in concept to Rhapsody, but you need at least one Zune…)

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