How should I setup my Clip+? and Deleted files still on the Clip+ but not visible in the folder.

Just got a new Clip+ and am new to Sanza firmware.  I am using Windows 7.  I have a large collection of FLAC that I use Foobar 2000 to convert to MP3.

Anyway, I decided to just copy and paste some of my collection directly into the “Music” folder that came preloaded as the firmware has it. 

Initially the first folder/album I copied as a test I deleted from the Music folder.  And it appeared to be removed.  So I went and added other files and filled up the internal capacity of the Clip+.  But now it still shows up and plays, yet it does not show up in the folder when hooked up to my PC.  What should I do?

And should I use the stock firmware when all I want to do is copy and paste my music collection as I want?

Ok got the deleted files not to show up on the player by reformatting.

But still curious if I should do something like using Rockbox firmware, or another that I’m not aware of since I don’t need to download songs since I have a complete library in FLAC that I ripped from CDs myself and am converting that to MP3s.

Or should I just stick with the stock firmware.  I’m using it now and it seems OK.  Just looking for suggestions since I’m new to this player.

Well, you might want to go to and take a look at the manual, to see if that alternate firmware suits you.

If you’re happy with the stock firmware, there’s no need to go the Rockbox route. It (Rockbox) does offer a lot of options and settings you don’t get with the OF (original firmware), but there’s a definite learning curve with it and many are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of menus, settings, button presses (short & long) and so on associated with it.

The manual is pretty techy too, and really doesn’t help a n00bie is setting it up initially as well as it could. It tells you how to change different options and a basic run-through of what each one does, but doesn’t really describe the real-world results, ramifications or why you’d want to change them in the 1st place. I believe some ‘dumbing-down’ and elaboration would be beneficial, but that’s just my opinion.

There are some distinct advantages to it though, such as no waiting for a database refresh and no database limitation. There are some would wouldn’t use anything BUT Rockbox, but there are also a lot of people who have tried it, and didn’t like it. They prefer the simplicity of the OF and have no desire or need for anything else.

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