How Do You Get Audio and Video In Sync for Movies and TV on the Fuze? [Edit: One Stop Gap Solution Found for Rhapsody Users]

Hi –

I’m liking my 8 gb Fuze, but there are a few issues with it.  One is that all the movies and TV programs I load through SMC start out with audio and video in sync, but fall out of sync after about 25 minutes.  This is true whether I convert from MPEG-2, DivXAvi or WMA files (I am converting programs stored on a hard drive via a USB TV tuner), and even if I convert from files at frame rates of 20 fps, and even after I install K-Lite, and even if i break up the program into segments using SMC.  HELP!

If you have been able to get an hour long or longer program in sync on your player from video files on your computer, please – how do you do it?

Thanks for any and all ideas.

Edit:  I’m operating in Windows XP btw, and have Quick Time.

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I’m thinking of exchanging my fuze for an Ipod…:manvery-happy:

I keep asking this question. In my mind this is a really big problem, as big a problem as say, no audio in mp3s…really, this is pretty basic stuff…why no definitive answer on this ?

I have seen this question asked MANY times, but has Sansa answered the question?

I have many movies on 6 cards, am I going to have to re-do them when , and if, this gets fixed?

Hello Hello Hello, Is there anybody out there?

Really, Notice that woof asked about this sept 30, and NO ONE HAS ANSWERED!

Sansafix, why did you direct me here, AND STILL NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION?

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woof & ickster,

I’ve not had any problems with audio/video sync. I don’t tend to use the video much, but on the occasions I have done, it’s never been a problem. I think the longest video I could bear watching on the screen was about 50 minutes long and there was no sync problem. 

I’m wondering if it’s to do with the codecs you are using, or the software you might be using to convert one format into another that the SMC can cope with.

An app called GSpot (which tells you which codecs your video is using) and the sometimes baffling, but nonetheless great, SUPER encoder may be of help if you don’t know of these already.

A key thing to remember to avoid sync problems is to try not to encode the file to a higher bitrate than the ‘original’. Also, during conversion, you might want to make sure you’re not using your computer’s processor for anything else, i.e. anti-virus, screen saver, network transfers etc, as this may interfere with the conversion - especially true if you don’t have a powerful computer and a relatively small amount of RAM. There are other possibilities, too, for sync problems which can exist before you even touch the SMC.

Thanks, but I’ve got a powerful computer, the necessary codecs, and tried Super.  It may be that SMC does not convert certain files well, but I’ve tried a number, and all come out on the player as out of sync, including those converted with Super.

Good news for the interim, though its extra work – I have found a way to load videos onto the Fuze WITHOUT SMC.  Rhapsody’s video conversion, though limited and slow (taking about 45 minutes to convert a small divx file that SMC converts in about 8 minutes), does convert divx files that can be viewed on the FUZE.  I have converted three hour long programs today using its software, and all appear to my eye to be in sync, or very close to it, for the full hour.   So for those who have Rhapsody, its a stop gap solution.

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“Rhapsody’s video conversion” is that something I can download or do I have to subscribe???

I subscribe, so I don’t know if its software will transfer videos to a portable device without a subscription.  Maybe someone can try to download a video on to a device without subscribing and report back?

Should be able to use Rhapsody to transfer video with NO subscription.

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Thanks sansafix, do you know if SanDisk trying to fix SMC’s audio-sync problem?  If it is, any idea on when it might be fixed?  Rhapsody is okay, but takes a realllly long time to transcode.  The best of all worlds would be to transcode with SMC’s speed and Rhapsody’s syncing ability.  What do you think?  Is this in the future any time soon?

I have that sync problem too, but now I know how to fix this

just check your file’s audio bitrate and make sure it’s 128 or lower. My 45 minutes file had an audio part with 224kbps and SMC couldn’t handle it well, so I convert the audio part and multiplex it back with video again, then everything turns out great :smiley:

Thanks, but all my DivX files have been at 128 audio bit rate, and they begin to fall out of sync using SMC after about 25 minutes, as the video advances.  

Anyone at SanDisk reading this?  Any word on whether or not  you are working on this?  I can see that numerous people have made inquiries, but cannot find any response.  I’d really appreciate one. Thanks.


Good luck getting a reply.

I really like the new solved icon, with the green check.

Do they also have a new icon for “CANNOT FIX PROBLEM-IGNORE QUESTION”?

It could be a figure of a hand whipping the bird LOL.

If I seem angry and disrespectful, it is because I am fed up with the total lack of ANY RESPONSE AT ALL to this issue.

Once again, I challedge anyone at Sansa to give a REAL answer to the question…

“What can be done to prevent the audio delay when recording videos?”

I think you can safely assume by the lack of response that no one has a solution or suggestion for your problem. Nobody want to post, “I don’t know!” :wink:

Sandisk staff, how about an update on the out-of-sync issue with Sansa Media Converter?  Is it being worked on? 

Have you tried the new revision of the Sansa Media Converter, build 4.256?

It’s just been released.

Bob  :dizzy_face:

Here’s what I’ve done and it’s worked successfully so far.

I use a program called HandBrake to convert the DVD to MP4 (formated for iPod Low-Rez).  I learned about this app on the iPod forums.  It’s not the fastest program out there but it’s free and works well with both my iPod Nano and my Fuze.

Next, I use Rhapsody to sync the MP4 to the Fuze.  To date, I have had zero audio sync issues with the movies I’ve put on my Fuze.

The only real drawbacks that I’ve seen with are (1) the speed of HandBrake (it’s okay if you’re doing nothing else while converting.  Play WoW at the same time and you’re hosed) and (2) there are no chapter breaks in the movie.  I don’t recall if that happened beforehand, however.

Good luck and I hope this helps someone.