How do I organise how my songs play and half of my songs repeat on my sansa clip


Half of my songs repeat, Do I have to delete all and start from fresh, Also how do I organise my songs so they play as I has arranged them when I added. I look forward to hearing from you.


Julie Spencer

If your songs repeat, you may have more than one copy of them on the Clip.  Otherwise, not sure what’s going on there.  You could connect your Clip and look at its memory using Windows Explorer, and see if there are multiple copies.

The order the Clip plays songs in is alphabetical, based on Artist Name, then Album Name, then Track Number, then Song title.  This is tag information embedded in the song files, not in the file names.  There are tools out there that you can use to set this tag information, Google id3tag.

Thank You for that, Much appreciated.

Keep in mind:  the Clip organizes and plays via the ID3 tags, not folder organization.  You may need to fix your ID3 tags.